• Anubias nana var. 'Petite'
    Anubias nana var. \'Petite\'
  • Pectina Coral
    Pectina Coral
  • Ultra Turquiose Pinstripe Mushrooms
    Ultra Turquiose Pinstripe Mushrooms
  • Snow White Crayfish ~ Procambarus Clarkii
    Snow White Crayfish ~ Procambarus Clarkii
  • Chili Rasbora ~ Boraras brigittae
    Chili Rasbora ~ Boraras brigittae
  • Roseline Shark ~ Puntius denisonii
    Roseline Shark ~ Puntius denisonii
  • Cardinal Tetra ~ Paracheirodon axelrodi
    Cardinal Tetra ~ Paracheirodon axelrodi
  • Duncan Coral ~ Duncanopsammia axifuga
    Duncan Coral ~ Duncanopsammia axifuga

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Freshwater, Saltwater, Reefs and Planted Aquariums!  Oddball Pets and Aquariums has everything you need to excel in fish keeping.  Our Focus is and has always been to offer only the highest quality and healthiest fish and critters for your aquarium.

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We are The Pittsburgh area’s “destination” Aquarium store.  From Planted Aquariums to Coral Reefs and everything in between we have it.

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